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HAVE to KNOW this!

So contact lenses….. (-_-*)  Mixed feelings for a while….


I’ve had such a problem with them, I’ve bought about 4-5 pairs (different colours from different suppliers) and I always had the problem of the colour not being intense enough/showing up enough on my naturally dark eyes.. So I’ve obviously lost a large amount of money to these failures…  *le sigh*


But Im not saying the suppliers I’ve bought from are unreliable, they are all very good and well trusted suppliers, just I’ve had really bad luck over the past 2 years. So I’ve had to enhance the colour in photo shop a lot, which I really don’t like doing. 

ANYWAY! Good news! I finally have lenses that show up which I bought from a awesome friend of mine! All her lenses are really well priced and last a great length of time, not to mention I find them super comfortable! ;3; There are all types of lenses, sclera ones (which are crazy ass!), block lenses and tone lenses. o(>~<)o

Check out her store and websites here::::
* Doki! Doki! Cosplay Shop Blogspot (There are also contact forms on her site)

Baka Sakura’s Costuming & Crafts Facebook page

* Baka Sakura Facebook account

* email address:

Baka-chan is super friendly so don’t feel shy to ask her about her contacts and other super cute accessories and wigs she sells!😀

Here a few zoomed-in-cropped pics of the contacts (no editing T3T)


^ (sky blue block lens) Photo by MWEST photography & digital training



^ (sky blue block lens) Photo by MWEST photography & digital training



^ (sapphire blue block lens) Photo by Kalyee Pereira Photography


^ (sapphire blue block lens) 

My natural eye colour:


So now you can see how freaken awesome these contacts are!>:D
I can’t stop staring at my blue eyes, I feel like such a pervy creep to myself…! *slaps self* X)

On another topic, I’m very busy with my new course at university and my new cosplays/ cosplay performances, just to let you know! I haven’t died or anything X’D

That’s all for now! >v<

Finally Here!!

So I’ve finally settled in in Cape Town!😀

Bought all the last minute stuff, hung up all my cosplay outfits nicely and flung my normal clothes in the cupboard, as one would do. (*^^*)

I’m really excited for the Japanese Consulate Event this coming weekend (23 Feb)! Finally gonna be able to meet some local cosplay peeps in da flesh…….!>:D
Myself, 2 of my cosplay team mates KomboKitten and Baka Sakura, along with a new friend are going to be cosplaying as Vocaloid’s Panda Hero; Kaito, Gumi, Luka and Teto, respectively. Just gotta sew up one thing on my outfit and then I’m all good! So excited!!😀

Will update again after the event!

My February Cosplay feature! *GES SA*

I was recently interviewed by GES SA as the February Cosplayer! ^v^

Feel free to check it out here!!

😄 Kahaha I feel so emabressed while laughing at my self, seeing my cosplay progress from 2006! BWUAHAHAHA! X’D  *shoots self* Ah but we all gotta start somewhere, and we only get better with practise.:)

Anyway that’s all for now!😀 Keen for the up coming February event!
See some of you there! ~(^u^)~

2013 Line Up!

Already a month into the year! o.O That went by quickly…….

I have many cosplay plans lined up this year, as well as some interesting news! :eager:
First off, my cosplay line up and events I will be attending, in the first half of the year.

23 Feb – Japanese Consulate Event: Vocaloid Kaito Panda Hero
3(?) March – Voca Ice-skating: Vocaloid Kaito and/or Gumi
20 April – Cape Town Cosplay Picnic: Ittoki Otoya or Ichinose Tokiya
4 May – Free Comic Book Day Event: It’s a secret ;)

Now for the interesting news!!
Myself and KomboKitten have formed a team in hope of making the cut for the very first South African team which will attend the World Cosplay Summit! :la: We will be working hard together in the coming year to bring you the best of our cosplays. I hope you will support us and South Africa’s effort to do their best to get a team! :heart:

I have also recently joined up with Cosplay Studio X  , and together we will cosplay many new and exciting things! :woohoo:

That’s all for now!

2013 with a BANG~!

Hooooo! Happy NEW YEAR everyone!!!
Can’t believe it’s not 2012 anymore o.O; haha…..


Just a little update about what’s happened so far and what is still to come! >:3

Recently I was asked to do and interview for Gamezmentor!😀 Ah it was really great, I had a ton of fun doing it, even though I spoke Chinglish half the time X’)
You can read/watch my interview here! ;3;


In other related cosplay news, I finally got off my butt and went out to buy material for my new cosplay(s)!

I’m working on Fushimi Saruhiko (K Project) now T3T  then I have Kaito (Vocaloid), Ichinose and Ittoki (UtaPri) lined up. Really excited to get them done, ordered all the wigs and contacts so long, as well as my new chest binder \ ˚▽˚ / haha~


^ Fushimi’s material ╥▽╥


Oh, I have to mention!! Someone mentioned that I had done the whole of team 7 in cosplay😄 and its true! Kahaha! I laughed so hard…..!
And look at the really cute pic that was made for me ;3;


And this team 7 thing was so unintentional ≧ω≦


Also how awesome is this fanart of my one cosplay pics?? (♥♥,)
SADSKDHGKF!! It’s so freaken cool!

art by Nakashi

its a fanart of this pic ~~

(っ◕‿◕)っ ♥ I love it so much!


Anyway, that’s all for now!
♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪

My 2012 experience


So 2012 is practically over! Can’t believe it, this year has really gone by in a flash.

So a short summary of my 2012~


A few twist and turns, ups and down but I pulled through.

Accomplished some of my goals.

Finally got my license.

Really miss China ToT  I wanna go back~haha

Studies & Work~

Well as for studies, I made it through 2nd year haha

but next year I might study somewhere else, China hopefully!!❤

Work wise, been good, made more money this year than I expected haha

next year I wont to get a proper job though. D:


Ah yes, this, this is the best!!

I would be so bored with out it!! It also keeps me busy which I really enjoy:)


I really love doing this, it’s so much fun and I get to meet so many amazing people, make new friends and travel around a little haha~!

Ive done a fair few cosplays this year, I hope to up the standard of my cosplay in 2013!!

Sewing until 4 in the morning, preparing things till 2 in the morning the day before the con, wondering if I’ll finish my costumes in time, ah yes haha, this is the way to go X’)

All in all, I’ve had a really great year, filled with many amazing memories.
Thank you all for everything and I hope you have a great NY day!
Good luck for 2013! x

Birthday 26/12/2012

I feel so old now….! Why must I get older?? Couldn’t I get younger~~ (˚▽˚)?

Ah anyway, I had a great day! Lots of chocolate, sweets and cake haha~ and got some awesome presents!!
I cant believe it, but I’m actually a little sick of sweets for the time being. (o.O)

I’m sorry Gin-chan………!!!! I will hurry up and start craving sweets again then we can nom them together!!! X)

My cake!! <33


Ah it was so nommy~~  ≧w≦

Oh, I must mention that I received some lovely birthday postcards in the mail as well!
Thank you so much for them!! I really love them!! <33


When I logged on facebook, (Ah there were so many notifications, friend request and messages I was so shocked hahaha), I saw that Kimiko-chan had made a really cute collaboration of my photos as a birthday post! <33 I was so happy, so sweet of her!!


I really love it!!

I also noticed I was tagged in a photo in KoreWaCosplay’s birthday corner!!😀


Nyaha~~ \(´ー`)人(´∇`)/  I was so happy when I saw all of this!
And all the birthday wishes were lovely, thank you all so much!!! (╯3╰)

I went to go buy some Chinese lanterns to let off as well, they were huge!! I seriously didnt expect them to be so big hahaha!!


😄 oh my god,,,,, they really were huge hahahahaha! (Excuse my dweeb face >3<)

There were 10 in the box, so each of us set of one and made a wish~ They looked so beautiful floating away~~ I wanted them to keep floating around haha they were entertaining to watch!!

But alas,,, they blew away and burnt out! Although it was real fun playing around with them! X3


Bye bye to my lantern! *makes a wish*

All in all it really was a fun day! And although I may be a whole year older it sure was worth it! ^^v

Thank you all again and have a wonderful day!!



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